Chain operated shutters

Industrial chain operated shutters

AJ Shutters of Hull manufacture, supply, and fit superb quality manual chain operated shutters throughout Yorkshire and the Humber region. We also offer our services anywhere in the UK upon request and agreement. Phone or message us today for further information.

Quality manufacturing

All our shutters - electrical, manual, direct drive, fireand chain operated - are manufactured on-site at our high-tech factory in Hull. Our manual chain operated shutters can be used for all types of industrial factories and units. The chain operated shutter doors are made from either 18 or 20 gauge depending upon the size and design, and are spring loaded to be used with a chain and cog, with a hand chain to operate it (ideal if the property does not have 3 phase supply). The shutters can either be finished with a powder or plastisol coating, or with the basic galvanised steel.
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 Chain operated shutters

Motor options available:

We also offer you the option of a motor operation - single phase and three phase - depending on your specific requirements.
Manual shutters

We recommend:

We recommend that you do not install a chain operated shutter door to widths that exceed 4-5 meters.  Call us for further advice. 
AJ Shutters of Hull are professional installers of chain operated shutters.
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